Dry Sawdust

P6220112_300Our company receives about 300 tons of sawdust every month in the production of furniture panels and moldings. As most of you know green sawdust is a low value commodity that has limited markets and heavy trucking penalties due to its water content. Transportation and subsequent drying green sawdust requires additional costs. We invite you to have dry sawdust, moisture content of 8 to 10%.

We produce dry sawdust, which is excellent raw material for the production of pellets, briquettes and board materials. It also may be used as a fuel, packaging, bedding, material for the construction, repair, agriculture etc.

Dry sawdust can transported at half the trucking cost and has more market potential than green. It can be used for particleboard, pellets or wood composite extruded products. These uses are typically 5-10 times the value of sawdust in its green state.




We also produce dry chips

If you would like to process dry sawdust in place of their manufacture into finished products, we are also willing to consider joint cooperation.

If you are interested in our offer you can refer to our e-mail:  vb1978@list.ru or directly to discuss the upcoming international exhibition LIGNA 2015 from 11 to 15 May in Hannover, where we can meet in the Hall 27, Stand D63 or in the open area – Stand FG LO3/0, company SERRA

Ask Vladimir Benkovskiy or Vyacheslav Filatov.


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