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Dry Sawdust

Our company receives about 300 tons of sawdust every month in the production of furniture panels and moldings. As most of you know green sawdust is a low value commodity that has limited markets and heavy trucking penalties due to its water content. Transportation and subsequent drying green sawdust requires additional costs. We invite you to have dry sawdust, moisture content of 8 to 10%. We produce dry sawdust, which is excellent raw material for the production of pellets, briquettes and board materials. It also may be used as a fuel, packaging, bedding, material for the construction, repair, agriculture etc. Dry sawdust can transported at half the trucking cost and has more market potential than green. It can be used for particleboard, pellets or wood composite extruded products. These uses are typically 5-10 times the value of sawdust in its green state.   If you would like... 

Edge glued panels

Edge Glued Panels (EGP) – are important component of high quality furniture. Lira’s edge glued panels have proved themselves well in this area because the company uses modern equipment and the latest production technology. EGP are made of solid wood lamellas (planks or blocks) glued together with PVA glue, which provides maximum strength in the joints. Lamellas could be fully solid or finger jointed depending on your requirements. By finger-jointing smaller planks into larger pieces and then gluing those into panels the existing defects like big knots, mineral insertion, discolorations and insect holes can be eliminated. The final product with its smooth joint tight surface and nice wood patterns is very stable and has a solid wood appearance. EGP may be used for the manufacture of table and kitchen worktops, doors, work bench boards, shelf bottoms, chests and wardrobe cabinets... 

New Lira Ltd profiled timber products

Lira Ltd began to produce new profiled timber products – beam imitation and terrace board. Beam imitation is dry, planed by all sides cladding board with tongue and groove connection. They are used for interior and exterior decorations of building’s  walls. Finishing by beam imitation does not take much time and makes construction more impressive. Narrower beam imitation boards (85-120 mm) are usually used for internal cladding and wider beam imitation boards are used for external cladding. The ceilings can be boarded with beam imitation too.   Main dimensions: 20 x 120 x 3000 mm Upon your request may be other dimensions Terrace board is corrugated profiled timber which prevents sliding. The board is produced according to the modern  German technology, the working surface gives the product extra strength and is easily washed by washing machines. Terrace board is a... 

Furniture Glued Panel

Lira Co. Ltd produces and sales furniture edge glued panels of pine. Furniture panel is made by gluing the pine lamellas in a press with next polishing of surfaces. It is ideal material for the manufacture of wooden furniture, stairs, kitchen worktops, window sills, doors, pieces of furniture such as shelving panels, and much more. Advantages of glued wooden goods over solid wooden goods are as follows: The cost of glued wood is less because of the achievement of feedstock deeper processing. Besides, furniture enterprises can buy ready-made half-finished furniture product what makes the process of millwork and furniture production cheaper. Goods made of glued wood are never warped because the curve of each detail will inevitably be compensated by other. Goods of big dimensions can be made only of furniture panels. Dimension: Thickness – 12 – 60 mm Width – 200 – 1 200... 

Smooth planed profiles

Lira planed products cover a wide range of smooth planed profiles. All products are produced only from high-quality pine. The quality of the products is ensured with an effective control system. Our modern plant produces high-quality planed pine timber. All raw materials are graded according to the customer and product demands. We define the customer-specific quality, desired degree of drying and packaging details. The Floor Board (T&G) The floor board is a kind of milled board made ​​of solid or glued wood. Each board has a protruding ‘tongue’ along one edge and a machined groove along the other so that each board fits into the adjoining board.  T&G boards are generally laid over a timber sub-floor (joists), but can also be laid over concrete slabs (directly, or on timber battens, or on plywood) or over timber sheet or strip flooring. T&G boards produced on the... 

Planed products

Our planed all round Scotch Pine is accurately machined using state of the art German technology, ensuring you receive timber that is perfectly smooth and straight, making it a pleasure to work with. If you require sizes not included in our standard width and thickness options, or if you require set lengths of timber, please contact our Sales Office who will be happy to help with your... 

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