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Lira Co. LTD was established in October 1999 as a private family woodworking company for timber producing. It originally had only one sawmill of Ukrainian production and five workers. The company’s management realized that this is not enough for a full and effective production, but for more it hadn’t much money at that time. To earn the necessary capital was the main goal in the first stage of development of our production.


The first sawmill and the first production

Thanks to the right business strategy and a sensitive response to the buyers the result was not long in coming. After only six months, by March 2000  production volume increased by 180-200%. The revenues of the company increased simultaneously, which allowed to purchase and put into production two new sawmills. The number of jobs has increased to 20 people by the end of 2000. The company employed 35 people. Production volume increased by the end of 2000 to 575%.

In 2002, Lira Co. Ltd  has successfully consolidated its position in the domestic timber market and entered the foreign market. The plant’s area increased to 3 ha. From April to September, the number of sawmills has grown to 12 units. Production increased in comparison with 2002 by 300-400%. By the end of 2002. the company has been operating for 98 people. More attention was paid to landscaping jobs and employees. In December of 2002 company started to export its own products.

For the first quarter of 2003. lumber exports amounted to 2,500 m3. It became clear for management of the company that without the purchasing of new equipment to  increase the supply of lumber will be impossible. It was decided to purchase two sawmills in Germany.


Sawmills “Montana” on left and “Bavaria” on right

At the same time equipment was purchased for the production of planed and profiled timber: laths, floor boards, cladding boards, moulding, block house, door jambs, platbands. Four kilns with a total 700 m3 were built and launched.


The kiln on left and optimization timber line on right

At the beginning of 2004 new shop area of ​​1000m2 was launched in the work for the production of planed profiled timber. It was also launched an optimization and jointing lines. It became possible to produce glued wood products from that moment

The following years company management searched  for new technology and the introduction of a new production on improved woodworking equipment. In  2010 the company began produced  the furniture panels of pine.


Profiled timber line on left and furniture panal line on right

Currently, Lira Co. Ltd plant is equipped with the most advanced woodworking equipment. We have two sawmills “Bavaria” and one sawmill “Montana” of SERRA  for logs sawing, optimization timber  line of PAUL, planed and profiled equipment of WEINIG. We use the working tools Leitz. Working on German equipment and using a German tool  we are working on German wood  technology too.


The samples of profiled timber products on left and one of company’s  storehouse on right

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