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Welcome to our new site! LIRA - woodworking Co. Ltd  is a well-established herself on the Ukrainian market and fast growing company engaged in the production of dry planed and profiled lumber, furniture plates. Founded in 1992, Lira is an independent family owned company which started production in Vasilkov, Kiev region, Ukraine supplying timber based products to the trade companies and the enterprises, gaining a respectable reputation for its services. We currently produce a wide range of smooth planed profiles  such as planed timber, internal and external cladding panels, flooring boards, timber Floor, Door & Window mouldings  and different components with necessary machinings for the furniture industry. You can get more detailed information about our products on the Products page. At Lira Co. Ltd we have a fully equipped plant where we can produce timbers to your specifications in your desired timber type. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who are always ready to help you choose the necessary goods, provide consulting, marketing, and services. We value our customers, so our prices do not bite, and our staff are always happy to help you. Turning to us, you bet on the long-term cooperation, strategic partnerships, and most importantly - get a quality product. Simply send us a picture of the profile or specification by fax or email and we will get a competitive quote back to you promptly. Fax your requirements to + 38 04571 2-24-27 or email them directly to our sales team at lira711@ukr.net If you wish to discuss your requirements with us then telephone + 38  095 276 46 63 We are interested in working and cooperation with trading  and construction companies and with furniture factories too.

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Dry Sawdust

Our company receives about 300 tons of sawdust every month in the production of furniture panels and moldings. As most of you know green sawdust is a low value commodity that has limited markets and heavy trucking penalties due to its water content. Transportation and subsequent drying green sawdust requires additional costs....

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Edge glued panels

Edge Glued Panels (EGP) – are important component of high quality furniture. Lira’s edge glued panels have proved themselves well in this area because the company uses modern equipment and the latest production technology. EGP are made of solid wood lamellas (planks or blocks) glued together with PVA glue, which...

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New Lira Ltd profiled timber products

Lira Ltd began to produce new profiled timber products – beam imitation and terrace board. Beam imitation is dry, planed by all sides cladding board with tongue and groove connection. They are used for interior and exterior decorations of building’s  walls. Finishing by beam imitation does not take much time and makes...

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